Lordy Rodriguez

"Untitled 843"
(Freeway Series 08: Game of Thrones Sigils)

This is just a little preview of a new series that I have been working on for the past two years. This series started from the linguistic term semantic saturation which occurs when repeating a word over and over again until you're disassociated from the meaning. A fundamental idea in my most recent works is to use linguistic concepts and apply them to visual languages in an effort to expose a universal structure, in the same way that all verbal languages have a structure. This series takes images that have a semantic history, like the way a contemporary word has an etymology that reveals a history of culture and society, and applies a variety of strategies to remove the meaning of the images being used. The inclusion of the kind of map language that I have used in the past with these new works signals a change within my own lexicon of maps. A road on my maps no longer point to a road on a map. They've evolved from an appropriated source to my base visual language in which I translate my experience of the world and/or reality.